Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I need a private retreat for about 5 days with two days to recover.  Just sayin...

2.  A friend is getting married this weekend and I am excited to attend the wedding...in Michigan!  I've never been there before.

3.  So, I bought more planner stickers this week.  The collection is growing.  At least my planner is pretty though.  :)

4.  When I moved recently, there was literally a tote labeled "Yarn and Projects".

5. This describes my dog almost every night.

6.  How do you politely tell someone you work for to, "PLEASE STOP CHEWING YOUR FUCKING GUM WHILE TALKING TO ME!!  YOU SOUND LIKE A COW!!    (I have this problem with at least two people I work for.)  If you are confused, please read this:


7.  I've decided I don't like to wear pants with buttons or zippers.  I think I will change my entire wardrobe to include only pants with stretchy waistbands.  :)

8.  Now that my birthday is over, I can't help but think about fall.

9.  This day has not been productive.

10.  I'm not even sad about that either.

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