Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  OK, so it's Wednesday.  Not Tuesday.

2.  This introvert desperately needs some down time/solitude.  I was so excited to have Saturday off of work, then I realized I had scheduled a much needed hair appointment and a friend of mine is celebrating her 70th Birthday!  Can't really miss that.

3.  I just got a new book in the mail and another one is coming today!  There will be a third book coming next week.  I am so excited!

4.  Speaking of books, I have a longer commute to/from work now, so I am hoping to get through many audio books during that time.  I just started one, so we will see the progress.

5.  I have been completely moved now for a full week and a lot of my stuff is still in piles in the basement.  Something interesting about this stuff is that most of it seems to have come from my kitchen.  :) 

6.  Plus, I've lost my collection of sunglasses.

7.  So, there's this big project I'm supposed to be working on at work.  It's been a week and I haven't made any progress.  Need to find motivation.

8.  I've recently started using sea salt spray in my hair and it's totally awesome!  Big effect...little effort.

9.  Anyone else need a nap?

10.  Have you ever been cut by a hanging file?  It stings, just so you know.

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