Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I've been gone from this blog for a while.  Don't worry though.  I just got really busy for a while.

2.  I moved out of my apartment over the weekend.  More on that another time.

3.  Saturday, I went to a bachelorette party and we did a pole dancing class.  I am a very modest person and I was completely embarrassed.  However it was still fun.  Although, I learned that my arms are still weak and I am sore.

4.  July seems to have gone by super fast!  Probably because I was so busy working and packing every day.

5.  My birthday was this past Sunday!  We celebrated with a nice lunch out with my grandma, parents, cousin (his birthday was earlier this month), and my uncle. 

6.  I am exhausted.

7.  My sister and her family recently visited.  Having three kids around the house, plus two additional adults resulted in a lot of energy requirements for a very long period of time.  I still haven't fully recovered.  At least it was a good visit.

8.  Amount of motivation for work this week:  none.

9.   Does anyone know the objective of the Garfield Destination Fun Fest game on the website?  I can't figure it out.

10.  By the way, I play games when I'm bored or can't gather the mental capacity to be creative or think properly.

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