Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Recap...

Where, oh where, did the weekend go?  Along that same line, where has the year gone?  I can't believe we are over halfway through June.

Friday:  After work, and a lot of wasted time later (more on that another time), I packed up and went to stay with my parents for the weekend.  Since I had to work.  The week had been long and rough, so my family and I sat on the patio enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures.  Then my mom and I curled up on the couch and watched Friends.  It was awesome.

Saturday:  We went out to celebrate Father's Day at Dad's favorite local brewery in the afternoon after a very lazy morning.  I believe we all ended up taking naps shortly after getting up that morning.  :)  After lunch, I went to work for the night and got home late.  I didn't stay up very long because for some reason, I have been extremely tired lately.  I blame the weather.

Sunday:  I short morning with my parents before going back to work for the afternoon.  The day was very slow and at times we had a lot of people come in, but hardly any purchased anything or stayed very long.  I spent some time on the patio with the family since the weather was perfect, before heading home.  The evening was spent preparing for the week. 

Nothing to exciting, but a glimpse at a typical weekend for me.  Things outside of work are about to get a little crazy for a while, which I will tell you all about at another time.

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