Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  Friday evening was the start of a 3-day dog sitting gig.  I've taken care of these three dogs a few times before, so we are friends now.  The weather was absolutely perfect in the evening, so our walks were great.  The rest of the evening wasn't spent doing much of anything else.  I basically relaxed all night.  Plus, I watched Miss Congeniality, which I haven seen in years!

Saturday:  I had to work all morning and part of the afternoon at my second job.  The day went by quickly, which is always nice.  Again, the weather was terrific, so after work, I spent time with the dogs, then my parents and my dog, then I read more of my book that night.  I was making really good progress, but then got a sudden headache and had to go to bed with less than 50 pages to go.

Sunday:  Somehow, I woke up way before my alarm was set to go off, so after getting up early, I took the dogs for a nice walk, then we sat on the patio for a few hours.  I finished my book and it took a turn I wasn't expecting, but I ended up enjoying it a lot.  We took another walk before I left for the day.  The doggie parents were coming home that day, so I spent the rest of the morning/afternoon with my mom on the patio before running a couple errands.  I've been selling some furniture and decor items so in the evening, Mrs. P. came over to help me with a couple things and we enjoyed some dinner, wine, and Friends.   All in all, a splendid evening.

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