Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Our biggest conference of the year at work took place last week.  It went really well, although I am still trying to catch up on my energy.  It left me extremely exhausted, especially since I had to work my second job over the weekend.

2.  I realized over the weekend that it has been four full weeks since I cleaned my apartment.  Gross.  I would love for someone to come clean it for me.

3.  I made a bench cushion this weekend for a new patio bench I have and I can't wait to show you the finished product.  I'm waiting until I get more potting soil to finish planting my flowers.  Then I will do a whole patio reveal.

4.  If only this excuse would work.

5.  Don't you hate it when you immediately respond to someone's email with a question and they don't take the second to read your email?  Instead, you wait 20 minutes.

6.  It seems when I delete one email, three more will take it's place.  I've accomplished Inbox Zero on numerous occasions.  I will do it again.

7.  I recently purchased a curling iron for the first time.  Ok, technically, I purchased a hair dryer and got the curling iron for free.  I've used it once.  My hair doesn't hold curl very well without a lot of hair spray, which is not my favorite product.  It took me 45 minutes to curl my hair and by noon it has already started to fall.  This is after I cut 8 inches off my hair.

8.  I want to get a new cell phone cover.  I wonder if I can find a really cool one.

9.  Next week, I'm planning a stay-cation.  This is a much needed treat.  Time to rest, get some things done I've been putting off, but most importantly, resting.

10.  This weekend is my mom's birthday!  :)

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