Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Recap...

I tallied all the hours I worked last week and I worked over 60 hours between my full time job, my part time job, my MK business, and two pet sitting jobs.  This does not include travel time.  No wonder I'm tired.

Friday:  I took off work a little early to help out another department close down a big event they have every year.  It's always a fun time, even if it is crazy busy.  Afterward, I checked on the cat I was siting, then rushed home to pack a bag and grab Melody because I decided to spend the weekend with my mom while my dad was camping.  That night, we ate delicious Chinese food and watched a movie.

Saturday:  I had to work the afternoon/evening so the morning time was low key, but I did check on the cat first before going in to work.  The shift I worked wasn't too bad, but it would have been nice if we had a few more customers and were a little busier in the store.  Thank goodness my shift wasn't too long though.  I made it back to the house around 6 pm and spent the rest of the night watching more movies and some Family Guy.  I absolutely love lazy evenings!

Sunday:  I worked all day long!  I had a 7 hour shift, which thankfully wasn't too bad as we had stuff to do, but we didn't have enough customers to keep the activity steady.  The last hour I was there was rough because I was starting to hit a wall because I was so tired.  Also, I did something last week to my back and it has been so sore and aching from the top of my neck, through my shoulders, all the way down to my lower back.  It's difficult to bend over or turn my head certain ways.  I had dinner with my parents and when I came home I had to make brownies for an event the next day, so while they were baking, I used my heating pad while watching some Home Improvement.  I ended up staying up way later than I wanted to.

This morning was rough going and isn't getting any better.  I need a stay-cation where I can sleep and rest for a few days.  Too bad something like that won't happen until Memorial Day weekend.  I hope to take that whole week off though.  Fingers crossed it all works out!

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