Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ten on Tuesday: Update Post

1.  I assure you, I have not completely disappeared.  After reading this list, you should understand why I've been absent for a while.

2.  That event I mentioned in my last post?  It could have gone a little better.  There were issues all day (and night) with that event.  *sigh*

3.  My apartment manager sent me my lease renewal form in February.  This is to determine if I would renew for another year.  It's still sitting on my desk at home, unanswered.

4.  I think I may use this as my inspiration for a while.

5.  A couple weeks ago, I got to go to MK Career Conference and it was AMAZING!!  As usual.  This is my favorite event of the year.  It's always so inspiring, entertaining, and educational.  It's also a great opportunity to spend time with some of my favorite MK people.

6.  I came home for Career Conference with the stomach flu.  Not to be confused with influenza.  The worst part of the stomach flu is that there is nothing you can do about it but wait until it has run its course.  This lasted 8 days.

7.  I've decided to re-read the Harry Potter series again.  This is makes me very happy.  I'm on book 1.

8.  The day after that big event I mentioned, I moved into a new office.  I managed to get all furniture rearranged (with the help of movers), plus unpack all 28 boxes of stuff in one day.  My space now has a really large window and I think this is the best part of the whole thing.  I also gained about 40 sq. feet and my desk is now positioned so I can see the hallway!!

9.  A downside at my full time job:  last week, I was given a whole group of people to work for.  I have now added 10 more people to my workload.  The sad part?  Given the current financial situation of the university, I wasn't able to say no.  I now support 17 people.  That's also the most of any admin in my whole division, which includes 4 departments.

10.  I've also picked up 2 pet sitting gigs this month.

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