Friday, March 10, 2017

A New Supply Collection

I like office supplies.  It's not a secret.  You may recall this post about my collection of notebooks.  Or this post about my pen hoarding.  I can tell you that the collections have changed a little bit, but I still have tons of pens and notebooks.  And I will keep buying them because I love them. 

But, I'm going to share with you another obsession.  Pencils.  This has become a new love of mine and I'm not entirely sure where it came from.  Sometime last year, I switched to using a pencil for my planner because I was getting tired of scratching things out or using white out when plans changed.  With a pencil, I can easily erase and rewrite. 

Here's my current collection of pencils.  If you were to count, there are over 34 pencils there.  Plus, I have one in my car, two in my desk at work, two in my toolbox, one in my MK bag, and one with my planner that I carry with me.  I also use one for my to-do list I keep at home.

But the pencil love doesn't stop there.  To go with those pencils, I also have eraser caps.  Remember getting these in school because the eraser always wore out before the pencil?  That hasn't changed.

You may be thinking that carrying pencils can become a pain because they go dull.  Well, in addition to my electric pencil sharpener I keep on my desk at home, I have three small pocket sized sharpeners strategically placed.  Don't worry, keeping a sharpened pencil is not a problem.  :)

I also have 4 mechanical pencils, but I'm not really sure why I keep these because I don't use them.  I used to love these in school.  Not so much now. 

Did you know that you can get a package of really cool looking pencils from the Dollar Tree for $1?  That's where the green and pink ones came from.  Every time I go into that store, I have to purposely steer myself away from that aisle and make a conscious effort not to buy anymore.  It doesn't help either that for every season and holiday, new styles come out.

I know I'm not the only one who has collections like this.  However, I'm not sure many other people would share about it for all the world to see.  :)  If you are like me and love office supplies and want to go shopping, give me a call and we can both get giddy and excited together at the office supply store, or the school supply aisle.   I promise I won't judge you.

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