Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I replaced the giant bandage on my finger with a regular band-aid.  We'll see if I can finally type well again.

2.  I truly do not understand the obsession with Beyonce.  The radio this morning announced that she would find out the gender of her twins in a couple weeks.  Who gives a shit?

3.  My new planner is amazing.  I'm so excited to get it filled with awesome things.

4. When I went to purchase my new planner, I stopped to look at all the planner accessories.  I'm not ashamed to say that within 1 minute, I became completely overwhelmed by all the things.

5.  I'm sorry.

6.   Remember this photo?

Here's what my dining table looks like now!  Also, that candle in the vase is remote controlled and super awesome!

7.  Can we just take a minute to appreciate this?

8.  We have officially entered the "busy season" at work.  I won't get much of a break until the end of May.

9.  I've run out of thoughts for this post.

10.  No really, I have.

1 comment:

Mrs. P said...

2. But don't you want to know what kind of gifts to get for the baby shower?? Lol
3. I'm glad you finally got a planner :)
7. Okay, but just a moment... ;)
10. LAZY! lol