Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Yes, I know I'm a blogging slacker.

2.  This past weekend, my parents and I went to a really big flea market/antique mall and thanks to their help, I found a great dresser/chest to refinish and re-purposed as a TV stand/storage.  However, my parents both like it so much, I think I need to find a new piece.

3.  While at said flea market, I stumbled across a piece of art that used to hang in my bedroom.  No less than 2 years ago I might add.  When I saw it, I thought "hey, I used to have a picture like that".  I then touched the back of it and yep, the command strips I used to hang it were still in place. 

4.  Today is Valentine's Day.  I know a lot of people who are celebrating "Gal-entines Day".  Yes, that's fun and all, but here are my V-Day plans.

5.  I started the Hunchback of Notre Dame on audiobook.  The narrator is pretty good, but you have to love (hate) how Victor Hugo gives an entire history of random shit that have no significance to the story.  The audiobook is 19 hours long and it wasn't until I was over an hour and a half into it that we got to the first mention of Quasimodo. 

6.  As of this week, I have officially paid off one bill entirely!!  Yay!  Go me!

7.  I'm convinced that Mrs. P is trying to torture me with this 30 Day Challenge we've been working on .  We have officially made it to the halfway point.  Finally.

8.  We are another week into February and I still haven't made a new wreath.  Although, I did get more yarn the other day for a completely different project.

9.  If you are a choir person, you will find this funny.  I find this hilarious!

10.  I still want a new planner.

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Mrs. P said...

Ha! #4 - I would say "I'll be in my bedroom enjoying the peace and quiet" ;)
#6 - Yay, one down!!
#7 - Mwahaha! I'd say the torture is going as planned. ;)
#9 - So funny, but I don't know if I agree with what they are saying about sopranos, lol