Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Recap...

This first week of the new year is over.  This first weekend held cleaning, organizing, working, and some fun.

Friday:  After a long (4-day) work week, I was tired and spent the rest of the evening relaxing with Melody.  We (I) had pizza for dinner and began watching a Harry Potter marathon.  I love nights like this.  Friday nights are definitely my nights for calm and recharging. If that makes me lame, I don't care.

Saturday:  Surprisingly, I didn't have to work on Saturday, so after enjoying my breakfast and coffee with a little Super Mario, I began the overwhelming challenge of cleaning and organizing my spare room/office.  This room and closet holds all my "office" related stuff, everything for my MK business, my craft supplies, decorations, cake making supplies, books, and anything else that does not get stored someplace else.  I spent 6 hours in this room on Saturday.  I cleaned out everything and set things aside I would sell, reorganized my craft supplies after cleaning them out, and did a major overhaul on the closet.  It felt so good to finally go through the space.  There are times when I just turn on the lights and open the doors just to look at how nice it looks.  The filing cabinet however, is a task for another day.  :)  The rest of the evening was spent with Melody and Harry Potter.  I did manage to crochet a sweater for Melody.  I messed it up a little and it's just a little too big, but not bad for my first try. 

Sunday:  I had the morning to myself and soaked up every minute I could before I went to work for the rest of the day.  The day wasn't extremely busy or slow, so thankfully, the time went by rather quickly.  Once I got off, I didn't feel like doing anything else, not even cooking dinner.  So, I did a bad thing and purchased Chinese takeout for dinner and spent the rest of the evening doing nothing but playing some Super Mario. 

This may not seem like a very exciting weekend, but to me, it was incredibly productive and left me feeling really good.  What about you?

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Mrs. P said...

I can't wait to see Melody's new sweater! ;)