Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I'm thinking of changing from Blogger to Wordpress.  It's a long process, so we'll see.

2.  Have you seen that Mrs. P is back in the blogosphere?  Go say hi!  No really, go say hi!

3.  I found this very funny.

4. I started reading a book for a book club I want to attend next week and so far, it's very boring.  It also sounds like it will get incredibly sad.  Not at all a book I would choose to read.

5.  Have I mentioned that the crochet blanket I started back in June was off by 120 stitches by the time I was halfway through?  The mistakes started back on row 4.  I ended up pulling the ENTIRE thing out.  All the way.  That was over 300 rows I had ripped out.  It's a good thing I had started to not like the pattern much at all.  I have new plans now.  It's going to be great.

6. Thanks to the wonderful research efforts of Mrs. P, I have a terrific idea in mind for a February wreath that is not all pink/red/hearts.  Plus it's not cheesy.  Stay tuned.

7. I love this:

8. While reading my book yesterday, I discovered that someone had actually tore out pages that contained 2 recipes.  If you read the Hannah Swensen series, you know that each chapter includes recipes.  I cannot believe someone actually tore out pages from a book.

9.  Can I just sleep, color, and crochet all day?  Can we make that a thing?

10.  And because it took me 2 weeks to write this, here's some eye candy:

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Mrs. P said...

Aw, thanks! And also, thanks for the eye candy - hubba hubba! ;)