Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Hello to the first full work week of the new year.

2. This is still one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie.

3.  I completely missed that the Golden Globes were on this weekend.  I usually love to watch award shows as I love celebrations, but completely missed this one.

4.  The new crochet sweater and it's very thrilled model.  She did not want to have her picture taken.

5.  The weather this week is acting stupid.  The temperatures are fluctuating between 20 degrees between days.  Right now it feels like spring, but by Thursday, there will be snow/ice.

6.  This "no spending unless its a necessity" is getting harder every day.

7.  Have you noticed that stores already have Valentine's stuff out on display?   So it begins....

8. For Christmas, I received two gift cards to Barnes and Noble and I'm so excited to shopping at my happy place, yet hesitant because I want to get a good deal and as much as I can.  Is that weird?

9.  The cabinets and refrigerator shelves in my kitchen are really bare.  Plus, it's going to snow/ice this weekend.  I should go grocery shopping.  Along with everyone else in town.

10. I need some coffee....or maybe some wine....


Mrs. P said...

Wine. It's definitely wine you need. But no buying any! ;)

Katie said...

Haha-- that anchorman meme is hilarious! And I totally hear you about gift cards-- it's a constant struggle between my husband and me. He acts like it's free money, so who cares? But I want to make that free money stretch as far as humanly possible-- just like real money! So I totally get your dilemma. As much as I love shopping in the BN store, I won't buy anything there unless it's on sale. You can buy the same books on their website for the amazon price! Oh-- I also have gotten some great deals in their clearance aisles. Enjoy! :)