Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Welcome 2017!  Holy shit, this last year went by super fast.

2.  I'm not starting the year off with a long post about new beginnings, etc.  Instead, I'll probably do bullets or something.

3.  How many people are doing a spending freeze this month?  I know I am.  This month, I'm not purchasing anything unless I can justify it as a necessity.

4.  I've already set my 2017 Reading Challenge.  Have you?

5.  Today is the first day back to full time work since December 23 and to be honest, I could really use the rest of this week to myself.  I've got projects I want to complete and still need some time to myself to recuperate from the past two months.

6.  Want to know a crappy way to start off the new year and work week?  Mandatory training that is redundant and a complete waste of time.

7.  There will be updates made to this blog in the near future, hopefully.  I learned over the weekend that the mobile view for this page is really hard to read.  I'm sorry about that.  It's time to spend some quality time with the blog.

8.  Yesterday, I went through my dresser and closet and pulled out everything that didn't fit right, I didn't like anymore, or didn't bring me joy.  It was liberating and I feel so much better to clear out that space in my life. 

9.  Next up, my craft supplies.

10.  Yikes.

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