Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I'm still in complete shock that Christmas is this weekend and the year ends next weekend!!!

2.  I haven't wrapped a single gift except for the ones I sent to my sister's family in Ohio.

3.  Speaking of which, I will never again send a package to Ohio unless it is super small or can fit in an envelope.  When I mailed the gifts, the box was such an awkward size, I about had a mini heart attack when they told me the price.  $30 more than what I had anticipated.

4.  January will bring a spending freeze.  Except for the bare essentials.

5.  How are your holidays going?  Have you been able to enjoy some festivities?

6.  Stay tuned in the coming week for my year of books recap.  I plan to do my top 5 books and my bottom 5.

7.  Yes, this is very true...

8.  Vacation time is coming!!!!   (insert happy dance)

9.  Here's hoping I can make some progress on that blanket I've been working on since June.

10.  Ha!  Wishful thinking.

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