Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

1.  My play opens in 2 days!

2.  I love having all my Christmas trees up!  The decorations make me so happy.

3.  My Christmas shopping this year is not going as planned.  This is a little frustrating and very stressful.  Seriously, next year, I should start shopping in May.

4.  Hahaha!  True...so true...

5.  You know, I've never built a gingerbread house.  I'd love to do that sometime, but I don't think I have time this year.  What do you do with it once it's built?

6. I've been reading the same book now for something like three weeks.  It's only 266 pages long, but started as a very slow read.  I'm just a little over halfway now and it's picking up.  I hope it gets better.

7.  In the next 7 days, I have the following: a baby shower, three Christmas parties, 4 shows, plus a shift at my part time job.  Isn't the holiday season just crazy busy?!

8. Out of curiosity, I wrote out my schedule/plans for the rest of the day and every minute (literally) of my day is planned until I go to bed tonight; hopefully around 11:15 pm.  That is, of course, if my estimated timing isn't off and rehearsal doesn't run really late tonight like last night did.

9.  It's really irritating when you give people a deadline to purchase tickets and they pay no attention to that.  For a party coming up this Friday, tickets were to be purchased by last Friday.  On that day, we had sold 56 tickets.  Today, we have sold a total of 92 tickets.  It's really annoying when you have to work with the caterer to increase your guest count even after you estimated high.  I've been on both sides of this situation (as the caterer and the client) and it sucks either way.

10.  I could use a nap.

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