Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Time

My favorite Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree.  I love them.  They bring me joy.  Each year, in addition to helping with my mom's tree and my grandma's tree, I put up many of my own.  I even added a new one for this year!  I like to do themed trees since they are a lot of fun. 

Here are the trees I put up this year.

My front door.  The tree lights are on a timer.  This tree is 2 ft. tall.

The Girly Themed tree includes my Barbie ornaments and a pink star. This tree is 6.5 ft. tall.

The Nature Themed tree is my main tree.  As of last night, there are presents under it!  This tree is 7 ft. tall.

The Gingerbread Themed tree is topped with a Santa hat.  This tree is 4 ft. tall.

The Harry Potter themed tree is new this year.  A closer look will show the house colors, Harry's Patronus, prophecies, snitches, and flying keys.  This tree is 6.5 ft. tall.

And let's not forget my more traditional tree in my office at work.  I'm not sure what caused the terrible lighting.  This tree is 3 ft. tall.

Total, I put up 9 trees.  And I loved every minute of it!

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