Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekend Recap...

I really do enjoy these weekend recap posts.  They really help me remember what I do from week to week.

Friday:  I had rehearsal in the evening.  We usually don't have rehearsal on Friday, but this time, we were working with an improv instructor from a couple hours away.  I've never done improv before; I'm usually really shy and the whole idea set my introvert anxiety on high alert.  I'm happy to report that by the end of the night, I was having a good time.

Saturday:  I worked a long shift during the day.  When I first arrived, I was immediately approached by 3 different customers, which means I didn't get a chance to mentally prepare myself for the day.  Sadly, I was not on the top of my game that morning.  Things got a little better by the afternoon, but it still wasn't my best performing day.  After work, I stopped in Hobby Lobby looking for specific ornaments and I must say, I was greatly disappointed in the selection that was left.  There were tons of ornaments to choose from, however, I couldn't find the right Santa face I was looking for.  I did manage to pick up the supplies I needed to make some ornaments for my HP tree.  The rest of the evening was spent drinking wine and making my first ever mesh ribbon wreath.  It didn't turn out too bad, but they're still not my style.  I find them a little tacky, but hopefully, my sister likes it.  That's all that matters.

Sunday:  I worked a shorter day and am very happy to report that the day was much better for me this time!  The day was great, actually!  I've learned that I am a much better performer when I'm helping out someone else.  I spent a lot of the day helping a new employee.  I crafted my ornaments in the afternoon before going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with Mrs. P. in the evening.  The movie was awesome!!  Even though, there was a part of it I found kind of creepy, but still cool.  I didn't know what to expect, but really enjoyed the movie.

Now it's back to the daily grind for three days before the holiday.  I got this.

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