Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  After work on Friday, my friend and I went out for ice cream to celebrate her birthday.  Then, while she was at a kickball game, I went to the store for some snacks and laundry detergent, picked up Melody from the groomer, and did a very fast clean/pickup of my apartment.  After her game, she came over for an impromptu birthday celebration that included yummy snacks, movies, and crochet!  It was fun, and even hilarious that this is how we spent our Friday night.

Saturday:  I worked a long shift (longer than I've worked at my part time job) on Saturday.  Although I was up late the night before, the day went by quickly.  It was a good day to and my coworker and I created a very pretty fall display that we were so proud of, we both took pictures.  Someone even purchased an item from the display. :)  That makes for a very good day!  That night, after relaxing for a little bit with Melody, I took apart my mom's old Halloween wreath and remade it.  I think it turned out really cool, what do you think?  I kind of wanted to keep it for myself. 

Sunday:  Sunday morning was peaceful with coffee and cooler temperatures.  I managed to clean up the plants from the patio (all but three had died) and planted some clippings from an indoor plant I had.  Finally.  Afterward, it was off to lunch with my extended family to celebrate the birthdays of my dad and uncle.  October is a very busy month for us.  The rest of the afternoon was spent helping my dad power wash the house.  It's amazing how wet you get when all you're doing is moving the machine and hoses around and holding the ladder.  I then went home and prepared for a facial that included a customized color look which ended on a very high note.  I made a fantastic sale and gained a new customer!  The rest of the night was spent with Melody and crochet.  This blanket I'm working on is consuming all my spare time and taking f...o...r...e...v...e...r...

How was your weekend?

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