Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Recap...

It always seems that once October comes, every weekend is booked until the end of the year.  This has officially started.  However, I can't complain, I loved every moment of this past weekend.

Friday:  To better prepare for the annual tradition of attending a craft fair with my mom, I went to my parents house for the night.  We simply sat on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.  Once I got hungry, I ate dinner and set to work on my current crochet project.  I managed to complete 4 rows, but that only equals about 1 inch in width that was added to the project.  Then, it was early to bed.

Saturday:  Every year, my mom and I got up early to attend a craft fair in a nearby town.  This town is tiny, but the craft fair brings in thousands of people with lots of vendors.  We learned that this was the 44th year and we have attended 26 of them!  Some years are better than others and this year was great!  We each found many items to take home.  I even got a couple Christmas gifts purchased and an item for my front door Christmas decorations.  After a quick lunch, it was off to work for me for the afternoon.  It was my first day back in over 2 weeks and it felt so good to be back.  I even ran into someone I hadn't seen in years, who just happened to recognize me first.  It was so cool to see her.  That night, I did a little organizing around my apartment and put out my Halloween decorations before going to bed a little early again because the next day was a very early morning.

Sunday:  I had to be at work at 7 am to begin transitioning the store for the holidays.  I know, it's crazy to see Christmas stuff next to Halloween stuff, but it must be done.  To help everyone deal with the early morning a little better, I brought in donuts.  Once I got of work, I met my grandma to do some shopping for my dad's birthday and then we met my parents to celebrate Dad's birthday at his favorite place.  That afternoon, I was able to spend some time with Melody and get some customer contacts done before taking a very short nap.  In the evening, I completed 2 facials with some fantastic girls.  We had a lot of fun, I got two faces towards my goal of 60, referrals, and a followup booking!  All in all, a good night.  I spent the rest of the night on the couch with my Chinese for dinner and my crochet.  Once again, I only completed 3 rows.  Maybe four.  I lost count.

How was your weekend?  Does the beginning of fall signify the start of a busy few months for you too?

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