Friday, August 26, 2016

So Much Has Happened

So, I really didn't mean to stop writing for a month and a half.  I'm sorry about that, truly.  A lot has happened in that time.  Instead of doing a narrative that would take forever to read, I'm going to do brief points.  Enjoy!

Work has been very uninspiring recently, as is usual for summer.  However, there is a website project that has become so ridiculously tedious.  Seriously, I have to make minute changes every 2-3 days.

I'm 6 books ahead of schedule on my reading challenge.  This year seems to be the year of the series.  I'm trying to get my reading done because I am about to work on a lot of craft projects for the holidays and will not have a lot of time to read.

I took on a second part-time job that I am really enjoying so far.  The people are cool and the place is super cool.  I'm so glad it's working out.

My sister's wedding is in 29 days.  Crazy!  I can't believe it's almost time already.  My glue gun has gotten a lot of use lately.  You should see some Craft Project posts soon. 

I signed up for my first 5K this weekend.  I will be walking it though because I'm not quite able to run comfortably yet.  Here's why:

The day before my birthday, I had breast reduction surgery!  Having this done was something I had been thinking about for over 10 years.  It's because of my sister's wedding that I finally made the decision.  I'm sure I will write about it some more.  It's a 6 week healing process and I am at 5 weeks today!

Halloween is approaching and I have already started looking for new decoration ideas for my front door.  :)

I've also purchased my first Christmas present. 

My apartment hasn't been cleaned in over 8 weeks.  I'm embarrassed to share that, but it needs to be said.  It's not in hazardous shape, but it's dirty in my mind.  Thankfully, a super sweet gal I know is coming to clean for me while I work on other important projects that seem to be piling up.

This summer, I experienced audiobooks.  I never thought I would like them, but they've been great to listen to while I'm driving and walking my dog. 

The ideas are coming to me for my Harry Potter Christmas tree.  I think I will end up having two trees in my living room this year because Hobby Lobby has some awesome ornaments that would look spectacular on my nature theme tree.  :)

The students are back on campus.  Traffic has definitely picked up and now I really have to time my departure in the morning to avoid traffic and stop lights.

Speaking of which, I have been able to officially change my work hours so I get off at 4:30 pm instead of 5.  This change has been amazing!

I've discovered my new favorite pen.  If you've been around a while, you know I have an obsession with pens, among other office supplies.  My favorite thing about these is how quickly they dry, so I don't get left with smudges.

I got tickets to the symphony next month and I am beyond excited!!!

We will pick back up to normally scheduled posting starting Monday.  Thanks for sticking 'round!

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