Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekend Recap...

Boy, I really needed this weekend.  It was one of the best weekends ever, even if I did very little.

Friday:  I stayed up way too late trying to finish my book.  I finally finished the Wicked series and let's just say this:  I enjoyed the book and the series, but I hated how this book ended.  I also discovered a leak in my air conditioning unit.  And that was the extent of my Friday.

Saturday:  I got up early and went to my cleaning job.  At the end of the morning, we discussed my schedule for the future since I was only to fill in for a while.  She likes me enough (:)) to keep me around, but my hours will be sporadic.  That's okay with me.  When I got home, Melody and I enjoyed the nice weather with a walk and then I ended up taking a nap that lasted over an hour and a half.  It felt so good to get that extra sleep!  Then, I spent some quality time with my crochet project.  I'm only about 4 inched into a 6 foot project.  I've got a long way to go still.  It was nice to spend quality time with Melody and relax pretty much all day.

Sunday:  Along the lines of quality time, I spent about an hour and a half in the morning working on my plants.  Two of my plants have completely died.  I'm going to try and revive them.  My pepper plant FINALLY has peppers growing!!  My tomato plant is driving me crazy.  It produces tomatoes, but they rot out before they ripen.  So odd.  So, I spent a lot of time pruning and re-staking.  I'm hoping my plants do better after a healthy dose of Miracle Gro.  Note to self:  do not by the superbell plants again, unless you plan to plant them with other flowers in the same container.  Those things are so finicky and break off if you try to move the plant to prune it.

In the afternoon, my mom and I went to see The Secret Life of Pets.  It was super cute and definitely worth the visit to the theater.  For the rest of the day, I crocheted and rested.  It was such a great weekend and one I really needed.

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