Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekend Recap...

Ok, so it's Wednesday and I am just now doing a weekend recap.  Why?  Because I had a 4 day weekend and it was awesome!  Although, I am fully exhausted.

Friday:  I took the day off of work and had a garage sale.  Considering the fact I didn't advertise, the sale went over a lot better than expected.  I couldn't have asked for more perfect weather either.  It was nice and sunny, in the 80s.  Low humidity.  Absolutely perfect!  The garage sale was open all day, so I finally shut it down at 6:30 and spent the rest of the night relaxing.  Another great thing about the garage sale?  I was able to finish one book and make a lot of headway on another!

Saturday:  I opened my garage sale again for a few hours in the morning, but it rained, so that wasn't a very successful day.  After getting all cleaned up, my mom and I went shopping to find her an outfit for my sister's wedding.  We found two really great outfits.  Then, my parents and I went out to dinner at the best restaurant in town and had the most amazing meal!  My pork chop was at least 3 inches thick and cooked to perfection!  Later that night, one neighbors' son's were shooting off so many of a certain firework, it sounded like they were declaring war on the neighborhood.  I hate those that sound like cannons.

Sunday:  I went to my cleaning job in the morning and ended up spending 3.5 hours there.  That's alright though, because I get paid for it.  However, it is very tiring work and I was ready for a nap when I got home.  Instead though, it was a quick lunch, then cleanup from the sale, returning tables to my grandma, and planning out a basement organization system.  This will require some very thought out plans.  The neighbors invited us over for fireworks that night and we had a nice little visit.

Monday:  The whole day was spent in St. Louis at the Cardinals game!  Mr. P (you know, Mrs. P's husband), got free box seats from work and they were nice enough to invite me and a guest.  My dad ended up going with me and we had a great day, even with Little A getting carsick on the way there.  It's too bad the team couldn't win, but I'm not complaining.  It was still fun and the seats and drinks were free!  After a great fireworks show downtown, I tried to read some that night, but after such a busy weekend, I was simply too tired to focus.  I think I read the same paragraph at least three times before shutting my book.

Now, it's back to work for a 4 day week.  It will be a slightly busy one for me because I have 2 big projects that need to get done, so it should be pretty productive.  Hopefully...

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