Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Patio: 1 Month Later

I certainly did not plan to be gone from this little blog of mine for over a month. Not at all. A lot has taken place over the past few weeks. I'll be playing catch up for a little bit, so I look forward to writing posts and getting them published here. I use this space as a way for me to remember highlights.

But first, let me share with you my plants on my patio. If you remember from my last post, I had just planted 12 plants. I still have 12 plants, and they are growing so beautifully!

Remember the purple super bells? I must report that half of the plant died shortly after I planted it, but look at it now!

How about the petunias? They've doubled in size.

My two geranium plants were small, but pretty. Now, they are quite large and sprouting a lot of new blooms.

The mint. So small, so cute. After a tough dry spell, it's back and growing strong!

Lavender always smells lovely. Even the small plant put of a fragrance. Today's plant has blooms and I didn't realize until looking at the photos side by side, that it's almost doubled in size too!

See my teeny tiny tomato plant? Doesn't it look so sweet in that 5 gallon bucket? Look at this thing now! It's got blooms too which means that soon, there will be little tomatoes.

The pepper plant started out so sweet. Now, its at least 4 times bigger and sprouting blooms too.

The citronella and begonias were looking good. I've moved them around a little bit and they are looking good.

Finally, the yellow super bells. So pretty and today, way out of control!

Not pictured here is my vincas. I forgot to get an after photo of them, but I am please to say that they have doubled in size too!

My patio is so lovely now. I still want some more plants, but I just haven't gotten them yet. Simply, I haven't been home much this past month. Within the next few days, I will be spending some time pruning. I learned a couple summers ago, that pruning is very important and can extend the life of your plants. Removing the dead blooms allows for more to grow.

My beautiful flowers have also drawn the attention of a pesky little squirrel. I generally like squirrels and think they are cute and fun to watch. However, this little guy(girl?) is digging in my plants and making a mess of things. Every few days, I discover another hole that needs to be filled and dirt that needs to be swept off my patio. Its frustrating, so I've been researching ways to deter the squirrel and will report back on the methods I select. Also, not only has this squirrel been digging in my plants, he's been jumping on my hummingbird feeder and spilling the water all over the place! This leads to be a very sticky mess that I have to clean up. I have never had a problem with squirrels on my patio before; not even when I had large trees right next to the patio. I hope I can keep him at bay so that my patio stays pretty.

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