Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Melody turned 4 years old on June 7.  At her "birthday party", Annie stole the toy and played with it the rest of the night.  I can't believe it's been 4 years.  Sometimes it feels longer, sometimes it feels shorter.

2.  We Leos are pretty fucking awesome:

3.  There are 3 craft project posts and 2 kitchen adventure posts coming soon!

4.  Sunny days in the 90s are the perfect time to make sun tea.  I made my first batch on Monday!

5.  After much thought and consideration, I stepped down from a leadership role where I work.  My term of service ends at the end of the month and I have decided not to continue or serve as chair of the committee.  It was very bittersweet, but there are other opportunities I want to explore.  It was a great 4 years, though.

6.  At work, I like to use blue ink pens.  I didn't realize I was using my last one until it ran out of ink yesterday morning.  :(  I've decided to try and deplete my supply of free pens, however, they are all black ink.  Boring.

7.  I'm officially 3 books behind schedule on my reading challenge.  May is always a really busy month and I knew The Witches would put me behind.  By the way, in case you haven't heard, that book went back to the library unfinished.  Awful.

8.  I need a few days to myself to recharge and try to get some things done that I have been putting off.

9.  Note to self:  do not skip morning coffee.  Very bad idea.

10.  And just for fun...

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