Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Craft Project: Bridesmaid Flowers

My sister's wedding is in September.  She decided to do silk flowers for the bridesmaids and had an idea that involved ribbon and some pearl beads.  Since I am a long distance bridesmaid, I offered to do the flowers for her, so she wouldn't have to (plus, it helps me be part of the planning).

Here are the supplies.  Please ignore the flip flops.  Also, the camera on my phone sucks, so the pictures aren't the greatest.


Step 1:  Fluff up the flowers to make them look full and not flat.

Step 2:  Measure ribbon needed; then cut enough ribbon for 6 bouquets.

Step 3:  Using hot glue, draw a line along the stem.  Starting from the top, leave the desired tail length and first wrap down, then back up the stem.  Secure with a knot.

Step 4:  I added an additional ribbon that was longer than the first to give some depth since the ribbon I was using was sheer.

Step 5:  The pearl beads were intended only for 2 bouquets, for the maid and matron of honor.  If you look at the supply photo, you can see the pearl bead bundles.  Each bundle had 6 sprigs.  Each spring was strategically placed and wrapped around the flower stems within the bouquets to secure them.

Step 6:  Using a lighter, I added heat to the ribbon ends to sear them so they wouldn't fray.  The idea is to apply gentle heat from a distance, not burn or melt the ribbon.

Step 7:  Repeat the process for the rest of the bouquets. 

Once finished, I stored them in whiskey/wine boxes because they have dividers in them that keep the flowers upright and not flat or thrown in a bag.  This prevents them from getting flattened or damaged.

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