Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Recap...

The weather was supposed to be rainy and stormy all weekend long. I had plans for the weekend that changed unexpectedly.

As if typical for a Friday night, I didn't do a whole lot. I got off work late and immediately came home to walk Melody. We spent some time enjoying the last little bit of sunlight we were expected to have for the next couple of days. When it finally got dark, I came inside and started a Harry Potter marathon, while finishing up a craft project that involved posters, glue, and glitter. Even though I didn't need to get up early the next day, I went to bed somewhere around 10 pm. I was tired.

The original plan was to spend some time pursing professional development and researching an area I am going to visit later this month. Then, the plan included continuing that movie marathon. Remember, it was supposed to rain all weekend. Plus, this was the last free weekend I have for a while. However, the weather decided to be absolutely beautiful and sunny, although really windy. The day progressed from a lazy morning, to shopping for plants and dirt, to new curtains hung in my bedroom and office, to dinner with my parents, to planting. It was a very full day. I got some planting done, but ran out of soil. By that time it was dark and I was finished for the day. I also had 3 extra pots, so I new that in addition to more soil, I would get more plants in the morning.

The original plan included getting up at 6 am to support a friend in a triathlon. I had made 6 posters and was super excited to cheer her on. I received a text on Saturday that she wasn't going to compete because of the weather. It was supposed to be cold (in the low 50s). I was disappointed not to be able to cheer her on, but we made plans for her next race, which should be in June. So, after getting up fairly early with no alarm, I went back to the store for more soil and three more plants and came back to finish my planting. I now have a patio full of plants and I am so excited! Again, it still didn't rain. I spent the afternoon with my mom before coming home to continue the movie marathon. Once you start, you have to finish. :) However, I did manage to spend two full hours doing that professional development and research I planned for Saturday. That was exhausting work. After that, the evening went by really fast and before I knew it, I had to go to bed to get ready for another busy and stressful week at work.

How was your weekend? Did you have plans that ended up changing? Please, share!

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