Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Recap....

I hope you had a good weekend! The weather was really pretty here, although, really windy. I want to put my patio umbrella out, but the base needs to be replaced because it bends in the wind. I also put out my hummingbird feeder! Yay!! I can't wait until the birds come back.

Friday: After leaving work late, I was incredibly exhausted, but still met up with a friend for a drink and wings. We had fun and I thought it was just friends hanging out. After talking with mutual friends the next day, he thought it was a date. I didn't want it to be a date. I'm not really interested in that way and I don't want people to try and push us together because they thing we "would be cute together". I'm cool with being friends, but don't push something on me. 1) I'm not interested in a long distance relationship, and 2) I barely know the guy all that well.

Saturday: I took Melody to the park for a while and she actually played with another dog for a few minutes. This is such a rarity that I have to document it. Then, I ran some errands and came back to get started on cooking for my Sweatpants Dinner. I made four new recipes and they each turned out really good. The meal was, by far, one of the best things I have ever made. I was so impressed with the meal and how well the flavors complimented each other. After I served up the food and we all ate what was on our plates, we each then started picking straight from the platter. I found that really funny and credited it to the food being really good. So proud.

This day was one I haven't had in a while. I had the windows open and did absolutely nothing for most of the day. It was nice to not have anything planned or a need to go somewhere. Melody and I chilled together, which was nice because I haven't been home a lot lately and she was starting to get resentful. I did agree, however, to go to the gym and lift weights with a friend. I used to love spending time in the weight room. The reason I haven't been lately is because I can't afford a gym membership. After an hour, I felt good and was glad I went and did something different. Although, I was really disappointed in the facility. This gym was one I used to belong to. The music selection was awful. I knew I should have taken my headphones because the music was something you would listen to if you were sitting on a patio. It wasn't at all invigorating or "pump up" style music. It was really hard to stay motivated. Also, I was surprised to see that the walls were really banged up. I understand that moving weights and machines around could cause some marks on the walls, but this was as if they didn't care if their weight room looked nice. So many dents in the drywall.

This morning, I am reminded that I actually have muscles. Muscles that haven't been worked in particular ways recently. And you know what? It feels good.

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