Thursday, March 24, 2016


So, I did not plan or expect to take that much time between posts. The "busy" season has officially begun at work and pretty much every day has been nonstop since arriving in the morning. Here's what currently happening around here.

1. I am on Day 49 of getting up earlier and arriving at work 30 minutes early. It's starting to feel more like a habit, even if some days are harder than some. I still continue to play "beat the truck". The guy that drives the big black truck has beaten me a few times.

2. I attended MK Career Conference over the weekend and it was so exciting! Coming home with so many ideas, wishes, and dreams, I wrote my goal down and immediately started to get to work.

3. Jogging seems to be getting a little easier. I can tell my legs are getting stronger, but I would really like to start seeing some results.

4. Currently, I am waiting for 4 separate deliveries. Two should arrive today and I am super excited. One includes new clothes and the other is a standing desk for my office at work.

5. The reading challenge is coming along. Already I am 25% done and 1 book ahead of schedule. The book I'm currently reading is really good. So good, that I have taken to underlining key passages. I also picked up two books from the library yesterday.

6. Tonight promises to be really busy. There's a new member welcome for a group I joined, then I'm having people over for Champagne Thursday, plus, I need to bake the goodies I'm donating for a bake sale this weekend and iron some shirts. The shirts I wear most often have been sitting on a chair for the last three weeks or so. That's pathetic.

7. So glad it's finally spring! I've never wanted to buy plants for my patio so badly before. I can't wait to get some pretty flowers going. Maybe I will start growing them inside for a while?

8. Next week is our first big event of the year and it's been crunch time all week. Preparations are happening all over the place.

9. It was weird to make a certain revelation recently. The breakfast sandwich I used to eat all the time, one that I loved, just doesn't taste as good anymore. I've bought two of them in the last two weeks and haven't been able to finish them. It doesn't taste as good as it used to. That's a good thing I guess. I've been bringing my breakfast and my tastes must have changed.

10. Crafting took place over the weekend. Pictures to come soon. There's also another kitchen adventures post coming soon. I promise.

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