Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Recap...

On Wednesday last week, I had plans to spend the entire weekend reading, enjoying the nice weather, and watching the Oscars. By Friday, a little bit had changed.

Friday: I had such a productive day at work on Friday that I was able to feel really good about going home. I managed to get a lot of tasks taken care of, so I spent the evening reading and relaxing with some wine. Last week was a really long and exhausting week, so I didn't feel like doing anything when I got home that night, so I didn't.

The weather was so nice this past weekend, that I made sure to enjoy it. After a very peaceful morning, I took Melody to the dog park to play and socialize. The girl could care less about the other dogs there. It's quite annoying really. This one little dog was trying so hard to play with her and she didn't even bother. In fact, she doesn't do much of anything at the park, so I took her on the trail and we walked over 2 miles. In the late afternoon/early evening, I went to a chili cook off fundraiser. There were over 50 chilis, I think I sample about 20 of them. It was fun and I will definitely go back next year. Although, my favorite chili did not win.

Sunday: I ended up spending the day hanging out with my Mom, reading my book, and watching some Harry Potter. My plan was to finish my book by the end of the weekend, but when the Oscars started, there was no way I was going to finish it. I am down to the last 60 pages or so. I should be able to get that done soon. I love the Oscars and watched them from start to finish. I don't really care much for the red carpet preshows, but I will comment on some of the fashion. I prefer the awards and I was pleased with the winners. I thought Chris Rock did a great job hosting, and I was thrilled to finally see Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar for his performance. The man is brilliant.

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