Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Recap....

I'm a little behind. I hope to be all caught up this week.

This past weekend was spent with my extended family honoring my grandpa. It was a very exhausting and emotional few days, but we all made it through. The services were very nice and it was fun to hear the stories from others of how much of a hard worker my grandpa was and how he was a very good friend to so many people.

I accepted a long time ago that I would always be lesser when it came to work. At the age of 86, he could still work circles around me, my cousins, and our parents. He was known as "the wood man" because he would fell trees and cut up the wood for loads, upon loads. He also hunted, fished, and attended a garden every year. When he was younger, he worked as a brick skidder and could outwork all of the other men in the plant. He was so strong that he could pick up two cinder blocks at a time with each hand. He could also wield a 200-lb chainsaw with hardly any effort.

The man was a true testament to "always stay active and you'll stay young, fit, and healthy". I'm going to apply that mentality from now on.

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