Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm on Day 25 of getting to work early. It's getting a little better since the sun is starting to come up sooner.

2. Last night, I did an exercise video I hadn't done in 15-20 years and was impressed that 1) I could remember a lot of the routine, 2) it was easy to pick up, and 3) I made it all the way through without quitting. Yay me!

3. I am a fan of this image. This should be my computer desktop.

4. Last week, I learned that my big, giant coffee mug works great for my morning cereal.

5. I keep adding books to my to-read list, but I really should read the ones that have been on the list for over two years first, right? Does anyone else have this problem?

6. The crafting withdrawals are getting really bad around here. The project in mind is a wreath. The layout, design, and theme is unknown...still.

7. There's going to be another new segment on the blog soon!

8. The Oscars are this weekend. I usually like to watch this awards show. Maybe that would be a good time to do a craft project too? Or maybe I'll have friends over. Hmm... Do you watch the Oscars?

9. I've made it this far and have run out of things to say.

10. Better luck next week. :)

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