Friday, February 26, 2016

Kitchen Adventures: Easy Potato Soup

Technically, this recipe is called No-Fuss Potato Soup from Taste of Home. And technically, it's for crock pot cooking. However, I did not want to start cooking dinner before noon on the day I made this recipe. Taste of Home is one of my favorite cookbooks. In fact, I have one for slow cooker meals, and one general cookbook. I love them!

This one is so easy, seriously. Also, it's a really inexpensive meal to make. I pulled this recipe out because I wanted to use up my potatoes. I first made this recipe for a baby shower back in November...and the guests were so greedy, I didn't get any of it. :( At least they complimented the soup. Judging by the empty bowls, I'd say it was well-liked.

First, I cut up the vegetables and the potatoes and threw them in a big pot. (That peeler of mine got more use!) You will notice I don't have onions in my pot. I don't like onions. Then, added the butter and two chicken bouillon cubes, along with the water and salt and pepper. The chicken broth makes this soup a little bit heartier. I let this cook for about 20 minutes or so. It really depends on your stove and the level of heat you use. I cooked mine between medium and high and made sure not to get the potatoes mushy.

Now, it was time to add the evaporated milk and parsley. It looks really weird at this point. Let it cook a little longer. I lowered the heat to medium and let it simmer covered for about 30 minutes.

At dinner time, I sliced up a loaf of french bread. A while back, I bought two loaves of bread and stuck one in the freezer and used the other for another meal. This loaf didn't take long to thaw; I laid it out while my soup was simmering. Helpful tip: a serrated knife makes slicing bread so much easier.

So tasty! This is definitely one I will keep in my meal rotation. Plus, it was so inexpensive! I only had to purchase the carrots, celery, and evaporated milk. These items totaled roughly $4 and I had leftover vegetables to cut up for lunches. Note: whole carrots are cheaper in cost than baby carrots, sliced, other packaged carrots.

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