Wednesday, February 3, 2016

CHR Challenge Day 7

The final day of the CHR Challenge. I was preparing for something involving a huge action step. Nope. This day was simply to reflect on the week, examine everything learned, and to celebrate facing certain fears.

This process was definitely worth the time. It helped tremendously to face those fears, make them concrete and no longer unknown. Now, they aren't nearly as intimidating. I'm starting to formulate a plan for the future. I've got some big goals in mind, especially for my career and it's time to do something about it. I Can Figure This Out.

If you are interested in finding passion in your work, considering a career overhaul, or just looking for inspiration, check out The Revolutionary Club. There's great information available to you there. I've enjoyed this experience.

I'm actually thinking of doing a follow up a little later with my plan for the future; take what I've learned and apply it. What do you think? Yes, I will probably do that.

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