Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

1. Every weekend should be a 3-day weekend. It was so nice to spend the days inside. I made a pallet on the living room floor; something I do often, but haven't in my new place yet; and celebrated Alan Rickman by having a Harry Potter marathon. I looked for Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves on Netflix but was disappointed. I guess I will be buying that one. It is, in my opinion, the best Robin Hood ever made.

2. Speaking of Netflix, it removed all of the Rocky movies from my list. I had planned to watch them all, but now they are gone. Grr....

3. I also colored this weekend in my two books I received at Christmas. These were a lot harder than they looked at first. One took me two days to finish because I had to keep taking breaks. I also recommend not drinking a glass of wine and trying to do one of the pictures from the Tolkien's World book. Your eyes will start to cross.

4. Over the weekend, I stopped in at Barnes and Noble for a bit to look around and found two books I have on my "To-Read" list. I thought they would be hard to find, but one was right in the front door, and the other was easily found on the shelf. While browsing, I found a few other books I wanted to read, but I only had so much in gift cards and didn't want to spend extra money. I came home with only two books and a renewed membership. Yay for discounts!

5. I started the Shopaholic #8. I'm only reading it for closure. It's terrible to think I loved the first 4-5 books so much but was terribly disappointed with the rest. Here's to redemption.

6. It's supposed to snow today for hours with the bulk of it coming during the drive home this evening. Oh joy...

7. What makes this worse is that classes started today, which means more students on the road. Not to mention that people in Missouri generally completely forget how to drive in the winter.

8. I revisited Mint.com to update my budgets and to try again to keep my spending in check. Especially with so much happening this year. (Explanation later). There's nothing quite like realizing your net worth is negative. That's a huge blow to the ego. Stupid student loans.

9. A friend of mine started her own blog about...cooking! Not just cooking, but maintaining a budget and meal planning too. I'm so excited for her and find her an inspiration for an idea that's brewing in my mind. Go on over and say hi!

10. I signed up to participate in the New Year, New Career, No Fear Challenge. This is a one-week crash course in overcoming fear to make a change for the better. It's lead by Christie Mims of The Revolutionary Club. I will be documenting my participation in the challenges, so stay tuned.

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