Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

1. Wow! I whole month without posting? That did not happen on purpose.

2. Welcome 2016! I've got some ideas for how to improve Life with Attitude this year. It's going to be cool!

3. I've been temporarily relocated to a new office at work because of some construction that will take place over the next two months or so. I was told last minute; had 2 days to prepare. It's weird being in a different space.

4. Seriously though...

5. I've set a goal to read 36 books this year. I believe this is much more attainable than last year's goal. I have already completed one and will finish book #2 this week. Yay me!

6. I spent all of this past weekend organizing spaces in my apartment. I spent two full days doing such things. Of course, in the process, I didn't take photos, but I can tell you that the following spaces look so great that I keep opening up the doors to look at them: under the bathroom sink, the hall closet (a.k.a "the black hole"), all upper cabinets in the kitchen, the office/craft closet, Melody's "dresser/cart". I even cleaned out the storage tote under my bed that held so much random crap, plus a few other minor organizing tasks. To say I was productive is an understatement.

7. After looking at this wonderful report, I can't believe I read over 14,000+ pages last year! I find that very exciting!

8. I have recently become slightly obsessed with letter writing stationery. I've picked out two different sets, options to create my own, two different colors of seal wax, and a seal stamp. This could get interesting...

9. Lately, I've been on an epic movie marathon. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings have been playing in a loop between episodes of Will and Grace. Could it be that I just read the books? There's got to be some explanation.

10. I seriously need this in my apartment:

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