Friday, January 29, 2016

CHR Challenge Day 6

Day Six a simpler to tackle. By this point, we had already done all the hard stuff. Our first action step for Day Six was to take our new mantra that we picked the day before, and place it where it will be seen. If you remember, I chose "I Can Figure This Out".

The first place I put this note was on a digital sticky note on my work computer desktop, right at eye level. Then, I took one of my hot pink post its and put the phrase on the side of a bookcase that faces my desk, situated just above my computer monitor. Another pink post it made it's way to the cover of my planner I carry with me everyday. Finally, the phrase is on my bedroom mirror, right in the middle so it can't be avoided. This phrase is everywhere.

I'm been repeating this phrase, out loud and silently, every single day since Monday. Multiple times a day, too. There are times when I find myself looking up from my computer screen to the pink post it on the bookcase, just to get inspiration. It has been amazing to have a new focus. Something that can change your mindset in an instant, because you know what? I (and you!) can figure this out.

The next action step took a little bit more time. It was to reflect on what I have learned about myself, life, the universe, etc. Addressing each fear had it's own results.

Fear of Change: "I'm a creature of habit, what if everything changes?" "What if things actually do change for the better and I start to be able to get those things I want in life. How will I be able to handle it?" Taking a second to think about these things turned out to not be as terrifying as it was initially. What if things change? You could actually be (*gasp*), happy.

Money Fears: Writing out the numbers and seeing my "bare bones, no frivolous spending, must have to live number" wasn't nearly as high as I thought it was. Then, I faced the worst case scenario. It was easier to face this because now there is a concrete plan in case life ever came to that point. It's no longer the "unknown".

Fear of Failure: Perhaps the biggest fear I face. I hate to fail, but I've learned that you must fail your way to success. So many success people (Steve Jobs, Oprah, and more) failed so many times before becoming successful. The biggest thing here is changing your mindset. You only fail when you give up and not try. What's the worst that could happen?

So here's the thing: I'm going to start going after those things I want. I can figure this out.

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