Thursday, January 28, 2016

CHR Challenge Day 5: Fear of Failure

Day 5 was all about Fear of Failure. I believe this is the biggest fear that holds me back from many things, and I don't know why it does. The biggest reason we fail is because of our own thoughts of failure. We have a difficult time thinking of what the positive outcome could be because we are programmed to think the worst.

As Christie Mims says, "Your thoughts drive your actions, your actions drive your habits, and your habits drive your LIFE." How true is that? When you feel bad, your perform negatively. When you feel good, you take positive action. Remember something you did that you excelled at. Afterward, you probably felt so good that you wanted to do it all again, and did!

So, our action step for today was to simply find a new thought. A new mantra, if you will. How could we change our thoughts to take positive action. I'll admit, I struggled with this one a bit. I had written down ideas, but kept scratching them out because they weren't good enough. Luckily, Christie was nice enough to let us borrow one of hers if we needed to. And you know what? It was just what I needed: "I Can Figure This Out". Simple and to the point. Exactly what I needed to focus on.

I've been saying this often throughout the days since. It's become my new focus, especially when I come up against a problem. Instead of saying "I can't", or "what if?", or "huh?", I've been saying "I can figure this out". It's been a real eye opener.

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