Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This is post number 1000!

2.  I haven't written anything in almost three weeks.  As usual for this time of year, a lot has been happening around here.  I'm up to my ears in projects too.  I have also been baking a lot.  For the last three weeks, actually.  And I will be baking more next week.

3.  I'm entering the annual chili cook off this Friday!  I'm sure my chili will do well.  :)

4.  My goal was to be done with my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving.  I can say that this goal was not met, but I will be done by next week.

5.  There are four Christmas trees at my apartment.  I'll post pictures because they are so pretty.  I have one in the living room, one in my office, one in my dining room, and one on my patio.  I also put up two at my mom and dad's, one at work, and my Grandma's.  If you are counting, I have put up 8 trees this year.

6.  This is so true:

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7.  Christmas music has been playing all day on my Pandora at work since Dec. 1.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

8.  This makes me laugh more than it should:

hahaha I laughed to hard at that. Its funny cause he said the wrong word:

9.  Question for my readers:  When you pull up my blog, are the images on the right side bar broken?  Or is it just my computer?

10.  I've accepted the fact that with all the projects I have, I will not accomplish my Reading Challenge of 50 books this year.  However, if I make it to 40, I will be really happy.  Given that I am a very slow reader, 50 books was very, very ambitious.

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