Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Recap...

Wow!  What a weekend! 

Before you go further in reading this post, I would like to say that this space of mine is one that I am going to try and keep as a positive space.  I understand that much has happened in the last few weeks worldwide and in my hometown.  I acknowledge these events and send my heart out but I am not ready to bring my thoughts on these events to this space.

Moving on...

Friday:  I left town to travel to a beautiful lodge resort for a Mary Kay event hosted by my director.  After I arrived I had the room to myself, so I ordered pizza, drank some wine, read my book and watch The Golden Girls.  It was an awesome and relaxing evening.  If you ever have the opportunity, I highly suggest taking a day or two away to be by yourself.  It's incredibly refreshing.

Saturday:  A full day of Mary Kay!!!  It was so good to see people in the sisterhood that I hadn't seen in ages.  We spent the day learning, laughing, and empowering.  While supporting the charitable foundation, I bought raffle tickets to enter in a drawing for some awesome prizes.  I kept going back to look at the items.  There was a jewelry set that I really wanted so I was chatting with a director and joking about how you just had to "fondle" the items because they were so beautiful.  A few minutes later, the drawing began and I won that amazing jewelry set that I wanted so badly!  I was so excited (and screamed a little), but not just because I won, but because in 11.5 years of being in this business, I have never won a Mary Kay prize before.  Eventually, the event had to end, so I headed to my parents house to spend the night with them and see my puppy.  I really missed her after 2 days.  

Sunday:  The day was spent doing laundry, helping my dad detail my car, and reading my book.  I finally finished the first LOTR book and am moving on to the second one today.  When I got home in the evening, I made a simple casserole for dinner and spent the rest of the night relaxing.  My home office has been completely destroyed in the last couple weeks and it needs to be cleaned and organized so badly.  That is on the agenda for this week.

How was your weekend?

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