Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The big event on Friday was a huge success.  With only about 160 people, we raised over $920 for a local non-profit.

2.  Looking around my office, I am noticing piles.  Pile of stuff here, pile of stuff there, pile of stuff on top of a pile of stuff.  Some serious time will be spent organizing this week while my people are at a conference.

3.  Last week, I finally watched Rent from beginning to end.  I've never seen the whole movie before.  I also cried a little.  Damn it.

4.  I could really use a nap every day.  I wonder what it would take to get an official nap time approved?

5.  On my way home from work yesterday, the radio was having a call-in discussion on whether it was too early to put up Christmas decorations.  Now, I love decorating for Christmas, but I believe that the first of November is way too early.  You have to make it through Thanksgiving first.  I usually put up my decorations the day or two after Thanksgiving.

6.  Anyone available to help me move my furniture this week?  :)  I want to switch my bedroom with my home office, but my dresser and hutch are impossible for me to move on my own.

7.  This should be my new motto:


8.  Starbucks didn't waste any time.  The red cups are back in full force!!

9.  I know I've said this before, but why is crafting such an expensive hobby?  It's great creative outlet for me though.

10.  Do they make decorative wall clocks that do not tick?  I love having a clock in the living room, but the ticking drives me crazy.

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