Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Update

It's been a while, so let's recap what's been happening around here.

1.  Last weekend the weather was beautiful, so I spent some time outside with some tea, a blanket, my book, and my dog.

2.  On Sunday, I decided to do much of nothing, so it was a Snuggle Sunday!  This doesn't happen very often; Melody is pretty active, so I take moments like this as often as I can get them.

3.  After grocery shopping and stocking up on staples for my kitchen (I was running really low), I made this Veggie Turkey Casserole.  I've made it a few times before and it's delicious!  This time though, I added cream of celery to it in order to make it more creamy.

4.  I'm getting farther behind on my reading challenge and I'm really slowly getting through LOTR #1.  It's taking a long time for me to read, but I will finish the series.

5.   I started making these headbands for myself and a few gifts.  Then, it lead to taking orders for three more.  Now, I have an order to make 5.  Wow!  It's nice to be able to make a few extra bucks doing something I enjoy.  :)

6.  I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow for a girl at work.  I spent all last night baking desserts and wrapping my gift.  Tonight, I'm making soup.  It's going to be great!

7.  I went to Joann's this past weekend and bought a lot of yarn.  The best part, it was all on sale.  Now I have yarn for 5 Christmas gifts I'm making.

8.  Speaking of Christmas gifts, I've started my shopping and I believe I am about halfway finished already.  My plan is to be done by Thanksgiving.  This makes for a very relaxed holiday. 

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