Thursday, October 15, 2015

What's In My Bag?

I've heard many times that you can learn a lot about a woman by what she carries in her purse.  How many times have you wondered what people carry with them everywhere they go?  I know I do.  I've seen small clutches and wondered how they could possibly manage with something so small.  I have also seen monstrous bags and wondered just how much that person was carrying with them.

Let's dive into my bag.  

Let me first preface this by saying:  anyone who knows me knows that I am not about designer brands.  I never carry anything that has a fancy designer name to it and I don't purchase these items as they never fit into my measly little budget.  This bag was a gift to me for my birthday from my cousin and my grandma.

I was walking through Dillard's one day when I turned my head and spotted this bag on the clearance shelf.  I immediately loved the print, the style and the size.  I am a hug fan of the satchel style bag.  When I first spotted this bag, I did not see the shiny placard indicating its designer.  This bag is a Dooney & Bourke Olivia Convertible Satchel.  See a similar bag here.  Even on clearance, this was way too much for me to spend on a bag.  I don't even spend that amount of money on a good pair of shoes.  However, my cousin works at the store and gets a discount.  I told him about it and sent him a picture telling him he could get it for my birthday and I would split the cost.  He told me later on that someone had already bought it, so I put it out of my mind.  That was a nice little trick he played because he and my grandma bought the bag together.  I am in love with this bag.

Here's what's inside:

Since I was pulling everything out of the bag for this post, it was the perfect time to clean it out of all the messy receipts and scrap notes collecting in there.

1.  Wallet.  This was a gift from a visiting scholar at work.  She's French and totally awesome!
2.  Goody Bag.  All the little things I like to have on hand.
3.  Planner and Pen.  Sometimes I take the planner out; especially if I'm going shopping or out to dinner.
4.  Coin Purse.  A former employee brought this back to me from her trip to Italy. 
5.  Business Cards.  This sparkly case I picked up from a vendor show at a Mary Kay seminar.
6.  Tissues.  It's allergy season.
7.  Notepad.  I always like to have a notepad close by.  Remember my notebook post
8.  Mints.  Fresh breath is important to me.
9.  Hand Sanitizer.  It's always good to have this on hand.
10.  Moist Towelettes.  Yep.  I usually have some of these with me.  Whenever I go to a restaurant with them, I put a few in my purse.  Sometimes you need to clean your hands and the sanitizer isn't cutting it.

The clear plastic bag is from my Mary Kay supplies and is perfect for corralling all of those little things that can get lost.  Plus, since it's clear, I can easily spot the thing I need without a lot of digging.  It's no surprise that my majority of the items in this bag are Mary Kay products.  Hey!  I am a consultant!

1.  Powder Compact.  This particular compact is a special edition for the 50th Anniversary.
2.  Lip Products.  I like a variety because my purpose and mood often changes.  Included here are:  limited edition tinted lip balm in Poppy (my favorite!), lip gloss in Cafe Au Lait, lipstick in Wild About Pink, lip balm with SPF (it doesn't melt!), and clear lip liner.
3.  Hair Ties and Clips.  I have long hair that gets in the way sometimes.  You've got to have these things at the ready.
4.  Eye Drops.  Like I said, it's allergy season and mine are bad.
5.  Peppermints.  I keep peppermints in my purse because they are great for settling an upset stomach.  They also come in handy when you are a little hungry and won't be eating for a while.
6.  Emery Boards.  I hate having a chipped or broken nail.  These matchbook size boards are perfect for the purse.
7.  Nail Clippers.  See above.
8.  Mary Kay Beauty Blotters.  I have an oily T-Zone and these are great to have, especially in the humid summer months.

And that's it!  It all fits so nicely in my beautiful bag.  In case you are wondering, when loaded with everything pictured, my bag weighs about 2-3 pounds.  When it starts to get heavy, I know it's time to clean out the change.  The outside pockets on the end of the bag hold my cell phone and keys.

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