Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Recap...

Fall is officially here now and that means that nearly every weekend has something booked until Christmas.  No joke.

Friday:  I went with a friend to watch some other friends play in an adult kickball game.  It was a lot of fun; much more fun than I was expecting.  The weather was perfect at 7 pm and it's always fun to see adults enjoy activities we used to love in school.  Afterwards, we traveled to campus to see the Greek house decorations.  It was homecoming weekend and while I was expecting traffic, I was not prepared to spend and hour in a parking garage without the ability to park.  I went all the way up and circled back around.  I finally found a spot clear on the other side of campus before meeting up with everyone.  Needless to say, I wasn't in a very festive mood after that. 

Saturday:  I was prepared to go to the homecoming parade with a couple people.  I got up early, got dressed, did my hair and makeup, and made it to campus by 8 am.  When I learned that my parade buddies weren't coming, I didn't want to sit alone like a loser, so I got a PSL and croissant from Starbucks, went home and put my sweats on, and climbed back in bed to enjoy my breakfast, snuggle with my dog, and watch a movie.  That was a blissful morning actually.  Later that evening, I went to Bingo to support my grandma (I didn't win :(...).  

Sunday:  Since my dad and my uncle both have a birthday in October, my grandma took the family out to lunch to celebrate.  I had a great meal and ended up bringing over half of it home.  Afterward, I chilled for a while and finally finished reading my book.  I'm not sure why this one took so long to finish.  In the evening, I met with my Mary Kay friend to talk about the new products and our plans for the rest of the year.  It's always great to get together with her.  After such a busy weekend, I did pretty much nothing for the rest of the night.

How was your weekend?

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