Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ten on Tuesday...On Wednesday

1.  So, I have an obsession with notebooks.  What of it?

2.  I am so far behind on my reading challenge.  Six books behind schedule.  I've got 18 books to read before the end of the year.

3.  Sometimes, I wonder if I am too honest.  While out at a winery on Saturday, I found money on the floor by the counter and turned it in.  Only after I said something did I realize that what I found was a $100 bill.

4.  I saw this on Pinterest the other day.  If you ever had braces, you know the pain. well I remember.  Even looking at this picture 14 years later, it can still make me gag.

"17 Photos Everyone Who Grew Up With Braces Will Understand"--I remember...:

5. After 2.5 months in my new apartment, I have decided that I really want to swap the rooms of my office and bedroom.  The problem?  My bedroom furniture is really, really, heavy.

6. While at the craft festival over the weekend, I saw a lot of books that had been cut into letters, similar to this photo.  This kind of broke my heart.  It doesn't feel right to me to take a book and cut it up.

Turn a beautiful old book into a monogram letter. #diyproject #craftproject:

7. Today is my sister's birthday!

8.  For some reason, Pandora will not play for me this week.  It's really annoying because I work in a very quite office.  Music helps to get me through the day.

9.  Office Team had a great article about customer service.  There is also a fun quiz you can take to see what your customer service style is.  I thinks its pretty correct.


10.   I think the time has come for me to finally get a library card.  It only makes sense. 

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