Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This past weekend's Sweatpants Dinner was a success!  A lot of good food, laughter, and games.

2.  I saw The Last Witch Hunter with a friend last night.  We both thought it would be really cheesy, but it wasn't what we expected.  Plus, I'm a big Diesel fan and could listen to him talk all day long.  It wasn't his best movie, but still good.

3.  This race to deliver packages and online orders is getting a little ridiculous in my opinion.  Why is everyone in such a hurry?

4.  How many of us growing up thought our mom's had super powers?  How often did we hear the phrase:  "You weren't using your eyes"?

Mom's have super powers.:

5.  There is a very big event coming up on Friday that I am in charge of.  I hope it is successful!

6.  I picked up three books from the library and started on the first one today.  I hope I can finish all three in the three weeks I have before I need to renew them.  I've got 16 books to go!

7.  I've posted this before, but it must be repeated because 1) it's funny, and 2) I don't like my space invaded, much like it was yesterday.

8.  I was reading this article on work-life balance on the Daily Worth not long ago, and it really hit a chord with me.  Everyone needs and deserves work-life balance, not just those with children.  Single gals are often thought to take on extra work or stay later because they don't have a family.  Trust me, even us singletons struggle.  I often look for tips on the balance, but about 98% of the articles are targeted to those with kids.

9.  The other day, I was trying to decide what to wear when I came to the conclusion that I could get ride of half my closet and not be too concerned.  My wardrobe could use some updating, along with shoes. 

10.  So, this didn't get posted until Wednesday. 

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