Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Like Notebooks...and I Don't Have a Problem

I've mentioned it many times before that I have a (small) affection for office supplies.  One item in particular is notebooks.  When Staples recently had their Back to School Sale, spiral notebooks were only $0.17.  How could I possibly pass up that deal?  I only thought it might be an issue when I got home and had to put them away.  It was then that I realized I didn't have a lot of storage space in my desk.  That's when I noticed, I had a lot.  Then, I remembered my mom's comment when I was unpacking, "Geez, how many notebooks do you have?"  To answer that question, I took every notebook I had around the apartment and placed them all on my dining room table.

If you counted, there are 25 notebooks on that table.  This was after I bought 10 at Staples during the sale.  That means, I had 15 notebooks collecting around my place.  Only 5 of these were given to me; I bought the others.  I rationalize my purchases of notebooks because I use them every single day for multiple purposes.  Plus, they can be really cute.  Let's look at that pile again:

After I snapped that picture, I realized that this collection doesn't include the notebooks I have at work.  Yes, I have two notebooks at work that I use every day.  One for my daily to-do list and comments, and another for general notes from meetings and projects.  I also have one in my Mary Kay tote that I use for notes at unit meetings.

Now, I'm sure you are wondering, "How many notebooks can you actually use at once?"  The answer:  5.  I currently have 5 notebooks in use at home.

1. Purchased (for $0.17!):  My notebook for to-do lists and general notes around the house.  It's kept in my living room for easy access.

2.  Gift:  This one contains my record of Mary Kay products I purchase for personal use and gifts.  This is important for tax reasons at the end of the year.  It sits next to my computer in my home office.  It's pretty, isn't it?

3.  Purchased:  Thrown in my purse when I'm going to meetings or appointments that may require me to write things down.  The small size makes it a perfect fit for any purse I happen to be carrying.  This is also one of the oldest notebooks.  I purchased this from the Michaels dollar bin at least 6-7 years ago (along with the pink and white polka dotted one in the first picture).

4.  Gift:  The slim size of this one makes it perfect for tossing in my Mary Kay tote to record my mileage and dates when attending unit meetings, classes, training, and deliveries.  Isn't it cute?

5.  Free Gift with Purchase:  This one is perhaps the most important one.  It's my journal.  I say that this was a free gift with purchase because it was a surprise in the mail from the Financial Times after I renewed a subscription for someone I support at work.  It's leather with nice thick pages and an attached ribbon bookmark. 

The thought, "Why not keep everything in one notebook?", has crossed my mind.  Here's my issue with that.  All of these notebooks serve different purposes.  If I need to know how many miles I drove to deliver product, or how the doctor answered my question, I don't want to have to sort through multiple pages and pages of notes and lists to find what I need.  I want to be able to go right to the information.  It's similar with how I store things in cabinets and such.  I don't like to have to move something to get to what I need.  It wastes time and causes me frustration and anxiety.  Blame it all on that OCD, if you will.

I have just shared with you something really quirky about me.  I can't help it.  I love notebooks.  Do any of you have something that you love that others don't always understand?  Am I the only one that likes notebooks this much?  I know that can't be true.  :)   So, please share.  What's something quirky about you?

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