Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Recap...

I am so excited that it's starting to look and feel like fall.  The leaves are changing and the temperatures are slowly cooling down.  We had 80 degree temps all last week, but this week should be in the 70s.  I am so ready for summer to end and fall to really begin.

Friday:  The girls and I went out to dinner at a local Asian bistro that I had never been to before.  We sat on the patio, which was really relaxing and I had a champagne sangria to drink.  It was so delicious.  The pad Thai I ordered was huge and tasty.  The rest of the evening passed like normal Fridays.  I relaxed with Melody and a good show.  Melody and Annie both got sick while we boarded them, so they have been on antibiotics.  I could tell Melody was feeling better because she was getting energetic again.  Although, even though I told her to settle down, she didn't listen and ended up coughing for about an hour.

Saturday:  I hit up some estate sales in the area because I am still looking for a chest of drawers and nightstand that I can refinish.  The people in this area had priced the items as if they were brand new.  For a casserole dish:  $20, a 3 foot nutcracker decoration:  $40.  It was ridiculous.  Also, no furniture was found that met my needs, so it was a total bust.  I ended up getting some materials for some projects I have on my list and pulled out my Halloween decorations.  It was a few days earlier than I usually decorate, but I was in the mood.  That evening my parents and I went out for a casual dinner while we watched a little bit of the college football game.  I'm sad to say that we lost, however it wasn't a complete blowout.  The other team only one by about 2 touchdowns.

Sunday:  Since my dad has been working on painting projects for me, I ended up spending the afternoon at my parents' house doing my laundry and finally watching Pitch Perfect 2.  My dad had painted a bench for me that is going to be put in my bedroom, but it wasn't quite ready, so I came home with another project to work on.  While chilling in the evening, I began to really think about my spending over the weekend and its awful how you can get paid and all of your extra money is spent before you realize it.  Budgets suck and its frustrating when you have things you need for your home (like curtains) but they have to wait because the utilities are more important along with insurance.  Ugh.

What did you do over the weekend?  Are you ready for fall to really get started?

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