Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  We moved all my stuff over to my new apartment last Sunday.  By the following Monday evening, it looked like someone actually lived there because everything was unpacked.  By Saturday, all of the pictures were hung on the wall.

2.  As awesome as all that sounds, I still need to organize my office and go through some old paperwork.  This was a project I had before I moved.

3.  I love waterfalls...I like caves...and I have always wanted to go to Hawaii.  This is beyond beautiful.

Waterfall Cave ~ Kauai, Hawaii.

4.  While flipping through the channels the other night, I came across an old favorite.  Well, guess what's been added to my Netflix cue?  Oh yeah!

5.  Without internet in my new apartment, for the days I was off work, I felt so disconnected from the world, even though I don't use the computer a lot at home.  It still felt weird.

6.  There's a show I want to audition for in December/January.  This one includes a lot of dancing and I really want to be part of it, so I have started to get myself into shape.  Ok...to be honest, I am only one day into the new plan, so I need help in staying motivated.  Can you help me?

7.  Before I moved, I started reading Wurthering Heights.  It was going incredibly slow for me and then I didn't read for about a week.  I've gotten back into it now and it's picking up.  I've got to get through it quickly because I am officially 2 books behind schedule now on my challenge.  I am determined to finish that challenge this year.

8.  I've decided that I always want to have fresh flowers in my new place.  We will see how well that goes.

9. Do you ever feel like you are constantly waiting for other people to do their job so you can do yours?  This is about 85% of my time.

10.  I am trying to remedy that previously mentioned situation, but am getting NOWHERE!

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